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Chantel St Claire   Looks By Working With What You Already Have You can improve how people see you and let your beauty shine through. Products you choose to use on your body and face can work together to enhance your beauty. Remember that beauty is an all encompassing term that your own attitude affects. The following article is filled with helpful tips. New products called mattifying lotions are perfect for any makeup kit because they can be applied anywhere on the face that appears slick from excessive oils. These lotions often have a creamy or heavy gel consistency and can be applied without a mirror; it also provides a smooth foundation upon which your makeup can be applied. Consider a new hairstyle for a more narrow-appearing face. A cut with sleek long lines that lands below your jaw but above your shoulders works best. Highlights around your face or lowlights can also help you look great. These are especially flattering and draw the attention to your facial features. If you are using makeup that shimmers, apply it both lightly and strategically. This will give you the beautiful look that you want without any excess. When using highlighters, place them on the higher spots on the face, including cheekbones, brows and the nose, followed by a thin dusting of powder. Make a natural, alcohol free mouthwash using purified water and peppermint oil. You will use one drop of oil per ounce of water. After boiling the water, add the drops of peppermint oil to a large glass container. Carefully pour the boiling water into the container. Use a clean cloth to cover the container and let it cool. Pour the liquid into a bottle that has a lid that fits tightly. This can now be used as a mouthwash. To reduce red tones in your skin, use a green based concealer. Because green and red are opposite from each other on the color wheel, the green tones in the concealer will cancel out any red tones in your skin. However, keep in mind that you only need to use a very small amount of concealer to counteract the red. If you use too much you can wind up looking green instead. Honey should play an integral role in your beauty routine. Honey has many beauty benefits and is great for your skin. Topically, mix with sugar to make a very effective scrub. Also, honey can be applied to lotion for a thicker product. Adding honey to shampoo can give you soft and shiny hair. Use shimmery eye shadows in your beauty routine. When glittery eye shadow is worn, a shiny effect is produced, which causes your eyes to seem much larger and brighter. 


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